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Little Things

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

Knitted Chemo Toque

I have been finishing up some of the small projects I’ve been working on, so I thought I’d share them with you all. These are in the mail, but I did take photos before I sent them. I finished the chemo toque that Janet Szabo devised. I just blindly followed her instructions, using the same yarn and needle recommendations. I don’t know that I got her exact gauge–it was very hard to determine on this Lion Brand’s Homespun yarn, but I just knitted until I thought the band would work. (You’ll notice that it’s the same color we used in the stole for Billie. I loved that color, so I found more and used it again. The top photo shows the truest color.) Unstretched, the bottom band measures about 18″ long, but it easily will expand to 24″, so I think it will work okay. We’ll see, I guess. I hope Mother never has to use this, but if she needs it, she’ll have it. Once I see how it fits and I know for sure they’re going to do chemo on her, I’ll make her a couple of others to have–maybe by different patterns.

This is the top of the toque.

This is the toque from the side. Sorry I don’t have anyone to model it for me.


Then I made that walker caddy I mentioned. You can find the pattern here. This went up very fast, and while I could have put embroidery or some fancy trim on it, I didn’t. I thought that Mother would appreciate it being plain. I did put a bit of white lace on it just so that she could more easily see where the pockets were. I made it out of dark fabric so that it would look fresh a little longer. You can see that there are two pockets across the bottom front; one is larger than the other, and there is a casing at the top closed by Velcro. I believe it will do the trick.

Shawl Pins

I’ve been looking for something to use for an everyday shawl pin for a while. I have a lot of pretty pins, but they do take some time to remove. I wanted something really quick to use; I was surprised to find something that I thought would work pretty well in hair accessories. These may be a little long for some people. I think they are made of solid plastic, so if you wanted to cut them off, I believe that might work. I haven’t tried it, of course. The pointed end is small enough to go through lace or even stockinette stitch quite easily. There were two colors of them on the Goody cards–black and blue. The photo doesn’t show it, but they aren’t solid colored; they are mottled with white. There are two hair sticks on each card. I just show one of each here. Just thread the small end through two layers of your shawl as I’ve done on the little sample. Because the stick is tapered, it won’t fall out.


I was pleased to see that my copy of A Breath of Snow and Ashes came in yesterday. I couldn’t resist. I started it immediately. I will re-read Dragonfly another time. Now, I have something really interesting to read while I wait on John to get a little medical test done tomorrow. It came yesterday when I needed it most. That was a trying day for me in many ways, and to come in and find that box of goodies waiting on me was a real treat. I’ve been savoring it as I read. I don’t want to hurry this one!


Mother is back in the hospital, and they did discover that she doesn’t have bone cancer after all–hallelujah! They are even more confused about what she does have. (I don’t know why they told us she had bone cancer if they weren’t sure. Maybe there were some qualifiers on that diagnosis that I never got. All the news I get on her condition is secondhand.) I called her seven or eight times yesterday before I got through to her. They’d changed her room, and they were calling her on the wrong line for that room, I think. (I learned later that she’d asked them to change her room as she couldn’t stand it after her experience the night before.) She told me this strange story about how she hallucinated the night before. I think she woke up the whole floor as her visions terrified her. She tried to get out of the hospital and fell repeatedly, and it took several nurses to get her into bed and calmed down again. Apparently, all of this was caused by them giving her a massive dose of oxycodone for the pain she’s been having and by the fact that her potassium was dangerously low.

When she came to herself, she told them she never wanted that medication again. Living more than halfway across the country from her, by the time I learned all this, it had been over for nearly a whole day. They have her on an unidentified-to-me non-narcotic drug now that comes in a patch. I don’t think it completely takes care of the pain, but she says she can live with it. I don’t know whether it’s really that good or whether her pain tolerance has come up in the face of what high doses of narcotics do to her.

At any rate, she was feeling better, and I was left after the call wondering what on earth was going to happen next to her.

Strange Encounter

John’s motorcycle has been in the shop for a little spiffing up, so when the call came yesterday that it was ready, we went over to get it. John got his motorcycle, and we drove up to the light to go home. Now, after we leave the dealership, I try to follow him in case he has a problem with the cycle–just as a precaution. He’d told me just before we left, though, that if we got separated, I was to go on and not worry about it. As luck would have it, he got the yellow light and went on through, and I caught the red. So I watched to see if I could see him waiting on me as I finally got into the flow of traffic, but I caught every single red light I could catch, and I didn’t see him anywhere. I decided he must have decided to go on home.

Now, John always goes the “scenic” route on the way over there. It’s a back route that I never have been able to drive without getting confused. So when it came time to either go on his way or go the way I was more comfortable, I took my route. After all, I hadn’t seen him anywhere. I drove about a mile down the busy highway, when something made me look up in my rearview mirror, and I was startled to see there was a motorcyclist behind me. It sure did look like him. I got to checking, and sure enough, it was John. Where he came from, I don’t know. I never noticed him when I passed him, but he was sailing right in my wake. Something in my heart did a little flip–married nearly 37 years, and he can still do that to me. He had waited for me after all. So we wound up going home a different route, together, but he said it was an enjoyable ride, so I guess that was okay.


When we got home, we had a surprise waiting for us. Peaches had decided she wanted in the house even though the motorcycle and the car were both gone. So she clambered up to the deck to get on the second story where she could see in the den. I suppose she asked Charming and Lucky to let her in, but they couldn’t work the doors. At any rate, she was waiting on the deck when we got home. John had to let her in through the den door. I guess one of these days she’ll learn that if the people aren’t there, you don’t get in. I thought when we came in the house that Charming looked a little concerned. I thought she was worried that it was past noon and nobody had fed her, but maybe she was worried about Peaches too.